South Ave Spirit Wear Shop is Open!


Thank you for supporting the South Avenue Panthers!

The South Ave Spirit Wear Shop will close at 11:59pm on 09/26/2022. Production will begin after sale concludes. **** COVID DISCLAIMER – Items may be substituted based on availability. Sizes may vary depending on product. If we cannot find a substitute your purchase of that item will be refunded. No returns or exchanges will be accepted because all items are custom printed. Thank you for your understanding.

Spirit of Beacon Day – Sign Up to Help!

Spirit of Beacon Day ParadeThe PTA will be sponsoring our float this year in the Beacon Day Parade on Sunday September 25th, 2022. This year our theme will be 1950s Sock Hop/ Soda Shop!Thank you to Christine Alicea and Tom Moore for stepping up to organize so that South Ave can continue the tradition.Kids and adults are highly encouraged to dress up in 1950s sock hop/ poodle skirt attire. We will provide some accessories to share and a vehicle to make our float. Please sign up if you will be marching with South Ave and read on for more details.
Special costume: Soda Pop Shop KidsAll kids can march in costume with the South Ave float, but we need a minimum of four to six participants in 3rd – 5th grade to dress up as a Soda Pop Shop Kids to assist with throwing out candies off their Soda Pop trays. If your child is interested, please sign up. We will draw names if needed. We can only have 4-6 kids in this role.If you’re able to go big, and maybe buy your Halloween costume at the same time, we would love a couple kids to purchase the Soda Pop Girl costume that we have on hold. Sizes available Med (8-10) and Large (10-12). They can be ordered on the sign-up sheet. Sizes are limited! Cost is $28.70. Venmo and PayPal payment is available. Invoice will be sent via text or email. ***If your kid wants to be a Soda Pop Shop Kid but not wear the costume, please still sign up. We have other options involving a hat and apron.
How to Help:
We need individually wrapped candies for donations! Children of all ages can participate. We do ask that children 2nd grade and below to be chaperone by an adult. Children 3rd – 5th grade can march alone, but we must know ahead of time if you will be dropping off your child so we can match them with a grown up. We will be announcing opportunities to help create our float. Any Questions? Email:

Spirit of Beacon Day – Sept. 25, 2022

This year the Spirit of Beacon Day Parade is back on!

For those of you new to the parade and South Ave, this event is an city-wide celebration of Beacon. Traditionally all the schools in Beacon march with their school wearing their school shirts and a banner…sometimes we incorporate a theme of some kind. It’s an warm & fuzzy kick-off to the school year and we all walk away feeling the Beacon love.

South Ave is in danger of not participating. We need 2-3 parents step up and take the lead to coordinate parade logistics.

If you want to see South Ave represented we need a few folks to help make it happen. Otherwise South Ave may be the only school not in the parade, which would be a major bummer because we know we have tons of school spirit.

There is no one on the PTA board that can take this on this year. Some of us are working and some of us have family events. At this point we do not have anyone who available to take the lead for South Ave.

But that’s okay!

Anyone can do it, it’s not a lot of work and it’s pretty darn fun!

Next Steps:

  • Step 1: let us know you want to help!
  • Step 2: come to the PTA Meeting on Sept 13th at 3:20 (if you can, it’s okay if you can’t)
  • Step 3: Have a planning meeting with other parents who want to help (we’ll help you get the word out) and come up with a plan/theme.
  • Step 4: Communicate with the entire school (the PTA will help you do this) to let them know the plan and where to meet on Sept. 25th
  • Step 5: March in the parade!