About Us

The PTA is a volunteer run organization aimed to serve students, their teachers and the school community.

The South Avenue Parent-Teacher Association (PTA) funds and organizes events and programs that encourage student growth. Our goal is to create a welcoming environment that inspires children to learn, and to build strong relationships within the school community.

The South Ave PTA is 100% volunteer lead and run by parents of South Ave students. All parents and guardians are welcome to join as a member and participate in decision-making. Board members are elected at the end of each school year, all members are encouraged to take a position on the board or head a committee. Our current PTA board is made up of parents who run businesses, work full-time and/or parent multiple children who attend several schools – we can’t do it all, but we do as much as we can. Join us so we can do more!

We rely on the support of parents and teachers in our school. We’re funded primarily by membership dues and fundraising events. We then take that money and put it toward projects and programs to enhance South Avenue.

You can become a South Avenue PTA member by paying annual dues of $10. PTA members are able to vote on PTA matters such as budget, expenditures, and elections.

All members are encouraged to participate in our monthly meetings and events throughout the year. More voices means more choices for South Avenue. We always welcome help and ideas from our school community!

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PTA Officers (2022-23)

Debra Ashton
Meghan Vigeant
Ryan Green
Cara Heaton
Stephanie Rivers