๐Ÿ“ธ School Picture Day – 10/12-13

Hudson Valley Photo will be at South Avenue for school pictures on October 12th and 13th. Purchasing school pictures helps support our school as a portion of the proceeds are donated to the South Ave PTA. The class schedule is:

October 12th

  • Smith K
  • Abrahamson 1st
  • Martin 2nd
  • Velie/Nastasi 2nd
  • Bender 3rd
  • Bliss 3rd
  • Farella 3rd
  • Biersack 4th
  • Anson 5th
  • Timpano 5th

October 13th

  • Fabia PreK
  • Melfi K
  • Lee/Hoerup 1st
  • Phelan 1st
  • DeMeo 2nd
  • Price 4th
  • Kenton 5th

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